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All my gigs got ruined


I’m sure you’ve read about people being push back due to “gig rotation” here a lot but what’s happening to me isn’t just gig rotation. Every single gig that has my name on it gets pushed to the page before the last no matter what the keyword that you search is or what filter you use. The issue is that none of my gigs are moving at all so I’m not sure why it’s called “gig rotation”. I literally tried everything and this is only getting worse and worse. I used to get about 7000 impressions per day and I’ve dropped to about 40-80 and it’s been like this for almost 3 months now. I’ve seen other people here on the forum that had the same issue but their gigs are fixed now and mine is still stuck and not moving. And whenever I contact the support they just respond with the same copy-paste message and say they don’t have the ability to change a gig’s position. If that’s the case, then how did my gigs get stuck at the bottom in the first place? shouldn’t my gigs be moving in search results like other gigs instead of just being stuck in one place for 3 months?

I posted an image of how my impressions have been in the past 30 days. I’ve been working here since 2015 and this has never happened to me before.

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Good question.

Let’s do the math.

There are a few MILLION freelancers here on Fiverr.

EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM thinks they should be on Page One.

Guess what?

There’s not enough room on Page One for that to happen.

So Gig Rotation takes care of that.

Your Gig will eventually reappear in better places.

That’s after the few million other Gigs get rotated.

Give it some time.

It’ll all work out.


What you want to study are clicks.

See how many people are actively clicking on your gig. Impressions are irellevant, it’s just the number of people that have your gig displayed in their search results or while browsing. But clicks are showing how many people actually clicked on your gig…

And I agree with @looseink 100%, even if we want to be in front of the pack all the time, others need to receive a chance as well. I was removed for 2 months, then after consistently delivering on time, having little to no cancellations and so on, my gigs went back on track. They removed me from search again, then they put me back and so on.

Did you have any type of cancellations, late deliveries, bad reviews? Stuff that would push you behind? If so… avoid stuff like that, and you will eventually get back in search.


Check this out:

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Hi, Do you notice the colored in dots on the line? This is when you have updated your gigs. You have done it twice recently. Remember, unless you have a major change to make on your gigs, don’t make changes. What happens it that they automatically fall from their original place and go further back. You need to contact Help and Support and send a message about this to them. Include this chart. If they say it is active and you see after a day that it still hasn’t improved, message them again.

Thank you for your response but I never asked to be placed on the first page my issue is I’m stuck at the penultimate page and I’m not moving at all. Let’s say you searched for a certain keyword and there are 50 pages, you will almost always find me in page 49. And if you got 20 pages I’ll be in the 19th and so on. I understand that other people need a chance as well and if gigs were rotating normally I wouldn’t have had any issues with that at all. I just don’t understand why I’m stuck and none of my gigs are moving like how they used to before all this.

I have the same problem for 2 months. It’s really frustrating. The thing is that Customer support says “deliver good work and you will be ranked again”. My question is " how to deliver good work when there are no impressions and clicks and therefore no one sees my gig and there are no orders?" 30+ orders completed from repeated buyers only with the maximum rating and no cancellations and my gig wasn’t pushed even one page forward.

I see that many other sellers with good ratings are also on the last page and mostly new sellers are on the first page. I think that this time the rotation is longer than usual and I am worried about it. The most frustrating thing is that you don’t know when you will be pushed back or if you will ever be pushed back.

I agree that we should give a chance to the new sellers but we should also have some kind of visibility when this “rotation” comes.

I fully agree with everything mentioned above. I’ve spent some time here on the forum and noticed that this issue is only affecting sellers with high amounts of reviews for some reason. If they want to push successful sellers to the back manually to give others a chance, at least let the sellers know for how long and I’m pretty sure everyone would understand the situation instead of leaving them in the dark.


Why would they let you know for how long and would they know for how long?
Do you really expect Fiverr to send you a notification saying “we will place your gigs on the last page for 6 months. Hang on there.”

You are not the first one, you are not the last one.
That’s how gig rotation works unfortunately. My gig were on the last page for over 6 months.
However it’s your responsibility as a business owner to have a plan B for a volatility periods

Hey there I am facing the same problem almost 2 months now I always delivered on time had no cancelations in the last 90 Days and all 5 stars. How long did you wait until they put you back?