All my gigs keep getting removed


I created 2 gigs and both got removed. I modified them 3 times but still no approval
First gig was “I will do work like writing articles, summaries, blogs, poems and research papers” which got removed becauser fiverr doesnt allow to do other students "academic work"
Second was “i will do critical analysis of poems and novels” which got removed with the reason “We do not allow posting paid-for reviews”


Fiverr removed my account. hypocrisy?

I’d suggest tightning up the language of your title. Perhaps you can give critical feedback of a buyers original work.


Try those gigs which are legalized by Fiverr and on demand. For example- graphics design, seo etc.


can you give me a better “language” for my title. Like I can do almost any writing stuff


Create gig with titles like “I will write essay for you”. I will do “include what you want to offer”, Keep title simple and short to get approved.


arre thats not the problem. If i write what you said, they will again remove it saying “they dont allow to do other student’s stuff”


there are many gigs with similar titles, why would they remove your gig only. Try it again


i made a gig about writing essays. They removed it too. lol


You’ll need to be specific with your titles. Something like “I’ll write a researched, 500 word essay” indicates that you’re marketing to students. However. “I will write 500 words of marketing copy for your business” clearly expresses that you’re not marketing to students.


You’ve been given your answer a few times now – Fiverr does not allow gigs that offer to write essays, research papers, homework, etc.

Why do you keep trying to offer services that Fiverr has removed?

If you keep creating gigs like this, Fiverr may just remove your entire account.

Find a different service to offer that does not go against Fiverr’s rules/policies.


It isn’t just the gig title that gets reviewed. It is also the gig description and the whole gig. I would check out gigs that have been accepted and would not deviate from what they have done. What I would not do, however, is copy their gig title or description exactly, as no one likes an idea taken word-for-word. It will show how creative you are when re-writing the title and description.


there are so many people with the gigs title “will write essays” and their gig is not getting removed


yeah it doesnt allow essays but so many people are earning money from writing essays. With their gig titles “write essay”. Plus so many people have academic written in their gigs. My gig got removed for writing peoms too? Poems are not always academic


Yeah. So I am trying to check what happens. Trying different combinations and which get accepted or denied


You’ve been warned about Fiverr’s TOS but you still insist on creating academic gigs, please don’t come back to tell us stories that your account has been removed. Just like life, Fiverr does not play fair. So be on the safe side. You could easily just offer to do “research and summaries”. if you can do someone’s assignment, I’m sure you can create other money making gigs. Just offer something else and you should be fine.


the #1 reason why fiverr disapproves most gigs is because of plagiarized images and videos. dont use images from google.