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All my Gigs removed, reason is just literally unreal to understand it


Fiverr just removed 3 my gigs and the reason for that - 3rd party copyright Infringement and Suspicion of fraud or spam.

So 2 of my gigs were about creating custom shopify and wordpress themes… basic coding, all my own creations… and they say i violate 3rd party TOS… how is this even possible, i explained them what i do is unique and they cant even say that it violates some 3rd party because i literally havent finished any gig yet, nor have i any examples or pictures of someone elses work.
Sent them a message, and explained the situation with an example… if i use software called Paint to draw a picture, this picture belongs to me… if i use software to create a theme, it belongs to me, not to anyone else… they just keep pushing it violates the TOS, but the fiverr is full of people who offer coding and they dont violate the TOS? what the heck, they dont even communicate a normal way, they do not answer any questions, nor they talk you like a human, they just keep sending the same text over and over.

my 3rd gig was offering myself as an facebook ad manager, they literally flaged this as suspicion of fraud… without any explanation… and again, the fiverr is full of people who offer this exact same work.

Whats up with this thing here? Is this a common thing and Fiverr literally treats people like this without no reasons at all, without even communicating with them? I havent violated absolutely not a single term, this isnt even possible as the nature of my work… I understand the platform is yours, but treating people in a normal and polite way should be mandatory of a company this size, the customer service was absolutely unprofessional. :frowning:


Sorry this happened to you! We are not in a position to judge if they were right or wrong without seeing the actual gigs that got removed.

They do not want to get into arguing with people apparently so they don’t discuss it.


I think you should delete the gigs and create a new one since you are new here. Arguing with fiverr will not restore them. I has happened to me before.


I can see many gigs who are offering some services which is against TOS, but they still offering their services without any warning.

But when i was going to open that kind of gig, fiverr has remove my gig immediately.

I Hope this issue will be fix soon.

Although, this is not an common issue but most of the time the seller doenst follow TOS and thats why fiverr has removed their gig


Thanks for the heads-up everyone, im not going to push this situation forward… as there arent even any way to do it though.
People who replied that i maybe violated the TOS somehow without knowing it, then again… this cant be possible… if i draw a picture on a paper, the rights belong to me - unless the paper or the pencil somehow hold any rights :smiley: Same goes for a theme, if i code/create a design, its mine.
Fiverr staff has distanted themselves from basic/essential communication from buyers and vendors… and these things lead to situations like this, why they do it - i have no idea. They require utmost polite and on point communication between customers and vendors, list of banned words you cannot use that arent even offensive, yet they fail to treat you by the same rules and ways and how the normal communication should look like, throw off you from the rock and thats it. But enough off this, should give it another try and watermark my pictures that i own these rights and give it another shot.


Are you the model in this shutterstock video?


Unless that model is from Estonia and is doing badly at modeling, I’d say not. Sure looks like “copyright infringement.”


:joy::joy: that caused me to literally LOL…