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All my gigs suddenly disappear to last page. It’s being there for more than 2 months now. Someone should help me with tip!

All my gigs have been on last page for more than 2 months now. I’ve tried many tweaks but none seem to work. Kindly advice on how I can get my gigs back to first page. :pray::pray:


Bro make some edit to your gigs , & everyday marketing every social media.


I’ve editted it several times. The last edit I did was yesterday.

Edit you gig and keep marketting.

hello brother,
first make some edit to your gigs like best tag and keyword , & always marketing every social media.

Did you go through my gigs!? Because I’ve editted several times. I even did that yesterday.

I have the same issue. My gigs were suddenly thrown to last page. Interestingly the gig has more than 500 reviews and its on last page of the search. Its been a month now.