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All my gigs suddenly drop to last page

Hi, I have been in fiverr as a seller just for 40 days. 2 of my gigs have been in first page for 1 month. Until suddenly all my gigs drop to almost the last page without any reason. All my performances are above 95%, all reviews are good and number of orders is >5/ day before this happen. I already have around 70+ reviews for one of the gig and 100++ orders.
Few days ago someone copied my gig title, but now he has changed it but nothing change for me. I don’t know what exactly cause this issue. I am aware of the rotation and rank based on performance, but I really have no idea why all happen to me so sudden. Anyone has any idea as to what may cause the issue? Any possible solution will be very much appreciated

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I have this problem too…

I got back to first page :grin:. I just got $200 order and few orders and suddenly get back to first page. I think it’s purely based on rotation in my case. It took around 2 days.

Yes, gig rotation is the case. But don’t depend on Fiverr traffic. Always share your gigs in social media try to get some direct clients. use Fiverr as your working platform

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I’ve had the same problem since List Mont. Ever since Gig’s Impression, Click and View …

I am also facing this issue and many other also facing the same issue

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