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All my gigs to the last pages

I think some of you experienced this or came across the same topic. Here is my issue:
Since last January 21st, my gigs impressions dropped dramatically from 400-600 to 20-40. After doing some research of my gigs, as I used to do typing keywords on search bar…etc I found out that all my gigs are ranked in the last pages 44-45… with new gigs/profiles that are never online eventually…
FYI, I have a 3-year-old level 2 profile, all my states are above 96% and 5.0* since six months, didn’t receive any warnings. I was having orders and mostly 5* ratings on a daily basis, but unfortunately, overnight, my profile became useless, only working with previous buyers.
At the beginning, I thought this is just a matter of time and all will be fixed, but now I’m seriously worried.
Please advise.


Nothing changed in my case too, and I have the very same situation (more than half of my orders are from returning customers).
One thing gives me hope: several competitors were on the last page together with me (around 7 of them in total; all levels), and now only 3 of us left there, so (I hope) it’s not static.

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I experienced the same thing . My impression is really decreasing. I ve worked on the gig nothing seems to be changing . Its really frustrating

I’ve experienced the same issue in past but I researched for perfect title and updated the tags and one of my gig just got clicked and it’s impressions and clicks are increasing each day but other gigs are getting down day by day. I wish I really could understand how it works on fiverr :thinking::thinking:

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Exactly same thing happened to me from that time :frowning: dont know why is it so ? anybody plz help