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All my gigs was sent to the last page last line from page 1

Since last year November 2019 my gig was all of a sudden sent to the last page of the niche. i dont know what to do. Please help me i use this to pay my tuition. it has not been easy for me


Share gigs on social media platforms this will give you clicks and impressions so your video will rank…

Thanks oh really will this work has it happened to you before?

Almost every seller faces this type of issue in career…

But it is too long. that makes it one year today

I have experiences this before, all i did was to stay online at least 20hr and i also did some social media promotion. but remember you ain’t the only one on fiverr so if there is a decrees in your activeness Fiverr will no choice than to replace your gig position with active Gigs. ):

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