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All my gigs went from first page to last page and it’s been more than 2 months now

@urban_creation6 Did you make the time longer?

Did you make the price higher or lower and by how much?

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time shorter and price lesser too
just for few weeks i made time longer and price higher then changed it back to original one

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@urban_creation6 Well regardless of where your main gig is, you are getting lots of orders apparently from looking at all the reviews you get. Have you had any late deliveries?

I like your designs. It seems like a big jump in price between the first package and the second.

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they are all repeat buyers and revisions. Gig comes back after a week or so for 1 day, Thats when i get loads of new orders,
nope no late deliveries. My stats are 100% 100% 100% and 5


I wonder if they deliberately want to slow the number of orders you get for some reason. I know they do that for me. No idea why. I’m never late. Maybe to give the others a chance.

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thats not good then !
other sellers got 3 gigs on page 1, taking all orders. In that case they should be fair and move their gigs to last oo

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I was getting more than twice as many orders as I had always gotten, before drastically raising my prices and continued for about two months after raising them with the same number of orders, before having number of orders cut by half for some reason.

In other words raising my prices at first had no effect at all on number of orders but then suddenly the number of orders were cut in half after two months.
I didn’t notice a change in where my gigs were located.

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Hey, did anyone get this resolved yet? It is becoming a norm with the algorithm now.