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All my gigs went from first page to the last

All my gigs went from the first page to the last Has anyone experienced that issue before? I am going to be a level 2 seller this 15 I don’t know why they sent them back … I have read different articles that were very old so I need suggestions to bring my gigs back …


Quickly use search option in forum and type Fiverr Algorithm you will be amazed. :wink:

Check this out:


You are looking at this the wrong way. You seem to believe that you are entitled to permanently have your gigs on the first page. You appear to be in shock that Fiverr has suddenly decided to give other sellers in your niche the same opportunity as you’ve had.

The truth is that there are thousands and thousands of other people equally as deserving. You simply need to accept this. Remember, there are hundreds of thousands of people selling on Fiverr - less than 50 people can make the first page in their niche.


yeah but is there any chance to grow up again ?

Gig rankings are constantly rotating and there’s no way to guarantee a top spot. As of now, nobody on the Forum knows the algorithm that Fiverr uses to rank gigs. There’s some theories such as amount of orders completed, order stats, etc.

have you experienced the same issue before ?

i dont wat to be on top but i think i should not be on the last pages

Although I said top (because I though that’s where most people like to find their gigs), I meant any spot in general. There’s nothing specifically that I can do if I want to be on the 3rd page or the 5th page. Fiverr uses an algorithm, as I mentioned in my reply above, and there’s no way to control what page your gig is ranked on.

alright is there any chance for me to grow again.? also have you experience the same issues before ?

I have heard of this before on the forum. From what I have heard there is nothing you can do and it is on a rotation and after a while this may be resolved.

There’s no way to change your gig ranking, so focus on what you can control, not what you can’t. Read and research on the Forum to learn as many tips and info as you can!

Yep, I’ve been moved down in the search results many times, but a few days later, I’m moved back up to the top. The gigs keep rotating, so even if you just reload once, the gig positions will have changed.

You do realize some people are actually removed from search, right? So the fact that you are still in search is very good. For the past few months they constantly remove me from search and they put me back so…

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How long did you wait to be be back? Was there any reason?