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All my money was withdrawn but not by me!

I woke up today to this “surprise”. All my money has been withdrawn without my authorization!
I have not requested to withdraw anything, and there is no confirmation email, no email at all actually, nothing in my PayPal or bank, the money is just gone!
It’s safe to say I am very nervous! I’ve contacted support, but I am on pins and needles.
Has anybody experienced something like this before? What should I do??


Check your deleted emails, and check to see if your fiverr account is still linked to the correct paypal account

Could you have had a PayPal chargeback done - cancelled order etc.?

It is still linked to the correct account :thinking: However, nothing in the paypal history

No, nothing. This was money accommodated from like 30+ small orders, even if one cancelled it would only be about 10$.

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Think you need to speak to CS about it - hope you find out what’s happened to it.


Thank you :crossed_fingers:

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It sounds like a Paypal chargeback to me.

It can’t be, as I said above this money was for 30+ orders, even if there were a cancellation it would be for the amount of 10$ max, not all of the money I’ve accumulated over the period of 6 months.

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Has your email been compromised? check your account activity if you’re using gmail. This is the first time I read something about this.

Checked everything, no sign of anything, no strange activity whatsoever.
This is so odd.

You might have already tried this but email providers usually have a session history list that describes when was your email used and from which device. Have you tried seeing there?

It was 30 orders for $10 max?

I think $10 each order for max of 30 orders.

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Did you check the buying history on your account?

So you are saying you had money on your Fiverr balance and it disappeared?

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It has only four ways of leaving your account:

  1. withdrawn
  2. spent on gigs
  3. Paypal chargeback
  4. order cancellation/refund, maybe done by CS

It sounded like you said it’s all your earnings for six months?

You had your earnings sitting on your account for 6 months? Why?


There must not have been a withdrawal method connected.

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Some sellers reported this problem in the past and if I remember correctly, it ended up being a bug in the system. As in, the money was still there but wasn’t being reflected/shown. I don’t know if that’s a possibility in this scenario. Did CS get back to you?