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All my Payments are going for clearance


Hello there, I am new to fiverr and its going an amazing experience. Fiverr is giving much more than expected and it’s a really great platform. So Hats-off to fiverr team.

Now i have a question, i have completed 6 orders from April 27 to today and the payment of these orders goes for payment clearance. They asked for 14 days, now why shouldn’t i directly receive the payment into my account for withdrawal and how long does it take when fiverr will take the money for clearance.


Your payments clear 14 days after the order is completed, or 7 days if you are a TRS.

Why? Because that’s how the Fiverr ToS work!

Good luck!


Will it happen with my future orders too???


Yes - it happens with all orders.


Yes, all transactions take 14 days to complete after the order is completed.


Thanks and yeah how can i delete my fiverr notification. I am not able to delete them


You don’t need to delete them, you can mark them as read.


If you become Top Rated Seller your clearance time goes from 14 days to just 7!!
Go for it!


@offlinehelpers already added that tip! :thinking:


Oh… repeating a tip is not bad… especially for people who never read the ToS