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All of a sudden, enquiries are not coming

used to get a lot of enquiries till halfway mark of October.

nothing after that.

what would be the reason?

are you guys facing the same?

how to fix it?


It’s probably to do with the much talked about Fiverr algorithm.

The algorithm apparently decides where gigs appear in search results. It’s apparently dynamic and therefore constantly changing where results are displayed (1st page, 50th page, etc). It apparently favours new sellers for a short period of time, before placing them in the pot along with everyone else and rotating results on an even basis - taking into account feedback scores, cancelled orders, etc.

I say apparently because no one on the forum can really say for sure. It’s all subjective and based on shared knowledge. All I can say is that every few weeks I see a temporary increase in messages and orders, and every few weeks I see a similar fall. I also have a few regular buyers who fill in the gaps.

There is no real way to ‘fix it’ as you put it. Just ensure that when you do have orders that you do your best to deliver on time and not entertain cancellations. You should find that orders will pick up again in a few days or weeks. I’ve been selling on Fiverr for nearly 8 years and this is a regular pattern of behaviour. It’s annoying, but it’s the way Fiverr works.


It makes sense. Thank you.

Would like to mention that my gig is still on the first page or second page.

Let’s see.