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All of a sudden, this site is in German

I received an email from Fiverr troday, telling me a client had sent me a message.

I clicked on it like I’ve been doing for three years.

Today, I was brought to the site and all the text of the site (not of the messages, etc, but the site itself) was in German!

Any idea how to fix that?

Okay, I restarted my computer and now it’s back to English on the site.

Very weird, but never mind!

It looks like a glitch that’s been around yesterday, too. Mine was in French. If it happens again, no need to restart the computer, you can simply change the language using the menu on the bottom of the page.

Yes same here and my profiles show German !!!

i have contact fiverr but i think i will have t wait until they fix it …


ok ok i got it …your are great …!!!

check left footer and there is language button … Thanks

Same thing happened to me. Thanks to @nettspring and @roots282 , I changed the language.