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All of my accounts are blocked except this one

all of my accounts are blocked except this one.i deactivated this account and created new one when i tried to attach my payoneer account fiverr blocked the this account is reactivated on my request to customer support team.

I want ask if i try to withdraw payments from this account will be blocked and already attached
payoneer account and have withdrawen one payment 2 years ago

If your accounts are blocked and you don’t have permission from Fiverr to have a new one, then this account will also be blocked as soon as Fiverr link them together.

If you do have Fiverr’s permission to have this account, then it’s unlikely to be blocked unless you once again break the rules. You should be OK withdrawing you money, but best check with CS first.

i did’nt created new one this was my old account which i deactivated

Why were your other accounts blocked?

because i attached same payoneer accounts

Ok. Well, as soon as Fiverr finds out that this account is in some way related to the other accounts, this one will also likely be disabled.

You might as well try to withdraw your money. The worst that can happen is it gets tied up for 90 days.

so i just leave fiverr

Once you’ve been caught violating the ToS, it’s usually very hard to continue your Fiverr career. Fiverr comes down especially hard on those with multiple accounts. All you can do is apologise to CS, and ask them if you can come back. They usually say no, but it’s worth a try.

Just out of curiosity… How many accounts did you have? :smirk:


I was just going to ask him the exact same question. :face_with_raised_eyebrow::laughing:


i have created too many account

Too many is just too much, it’s only allowed to have 1

I’m sorry to say you have no excuse as you’ve been on Fiverr since 2016…