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All of my gigs are going down :(


Hi Seniors,

I don’t know what happened but from the end of May, all of my gigs started going down and down, sells dropped from $1000 approx to almost $100-$200 per month.
Still all my arrows at gig’s page are going down and down, can anybody help me how can I improve my gigs to get them back in fiverr searches?

Thanks in advance


I had the same problem I create my one gig anew and now its getting impressions and views back. You should copy your descriptions somewhere and delete your gig, using your previous description and images and create a new gig it will boost. Wish you best of the luck.


Thanks Zaiba, but I’m sorry to say that deleting a gig with 100+ or 50+ reviews is not a good move to do. However I’ve been trying different things like creating new gigs with similar tags and titles, reactivating my old paused gigs (which also have reviews) social sharing etc.etc. but it seems that nothing is working properly for me :(:roll_eyes:


Yes, I changed my tags, description, tittle but they didn’t effect so I create my gig anew. As I am a new seller it was easy for me to deleting gig but for you it will not easy but you could start from one gig if it works than apply to other gigs.


I’ll try it with the one which has less reviews. Hope it’ll work as you said :slight_smile:


Wish you best of the luck:)


I’ve just reviewed your profile. I have a suggestion for you if you don’t mind.
Create 2 more gigs, one featuring “Arabic Calligraphic Logo” and the other one featuring “Translate Arabic to English”. As you’ve good command in Arabic and english conversation. :slight_smile:


Okay, I will create thank you for your suggestions:)


You’re welcome and wish you the best of luck as well :slight_smile: :+1: