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All of my gigs disappeared

Hello , I have been working on fiverr from 6 months , my gigs were ranking in the past month , till yesterday my gigs were showing on the 3rd/4th page but today suddenly all of my gigs disappeared , they are not even on the 20th page. Although i did not have any cancellation , just one bad review but why all of my gigs disappeared. Kindly help.


Perhaps you were using promoted gigs feature? That is causing problem. It will take some time but it will come back

No , i am a new seller. My gigs were in the process of ranking but still i was getting orders. But the confusion is how come each (3) of my gigs that were ranking on the first 3 pages disappear like this.

What was the rating of the bad review? Just asking as this will affect the gig. It won’t affect the other gigs, if you have others.

Also, it you do any update on your gig?

Thank you for replying teachernita , My client gave me 3 stars although he liked the design in the inbox. and no i did not made any change to my gigs.

Regarding this you can’t do anything… rating has a role in fiverr algorithm or rotation…
Best solution for you that gaining orders from buyer request and maintain daily basis order…
I hope in the next evaluation the gig rotation can be on the first pages regarding your services!

Best of luck!
Don’t lose hope

Unfortunately, that 3 rating has affected your position. Just carry on working hard, stay online, and view buyer’s requests very often during the day. Bid for work. Get traffic to your gigs.

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Thank you for your response. I will work on this.

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Yes i am doing my best , I don’t know why he gave 3 and ruined my profile. But still lets hope for the best. :slight_smile:
Thank you for taking out time to respond.

I am facing the same issue…
the rating was 4.7 star the buyer gave a honest review I totally respect that and he was totally satisfied…
But for that 4.7 star review my gig sudden dropped to 4th page:(

well since al the gigs fell so it means your account is down so it will take some time and then get back

Best not to see it as “ruined my profile” as ruined is a final, fatal word.

Your profile took a hit, that is for sure. We all take a hit now and then.

Our job in business is to work out how to rise from it. How is it that this happened? Did you let the wrong one in? Could you make Red Flags easier to spot with better a) Requirements Form, b) courage and willingness to bring out the word “No” (as expressed through the sniper rifle, machine gun, flamethrower - or perhaps more conducive to longevity on the platform the Block button)?


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But my buyer did not do justice with me or the work i did. I looked up for my gig till the 20th page and its no where. This is why i am getting panicked.

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I being panicked helping you in any way?


Just give me a solution how to get my gigs back , they fell from 1k impressions a day to 18 impression within 2 days. Should i talk to the customer support? This can be a bug , as i got a bad review on one of my gigs others had 5 stars reviews , why they disappeared

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sorry to hear that , but fiverr doesn’t allows academic work. It is against the policies. You may have a look at the rules. The team is highly professional and they know what they are doing.

This was not purely academics work but i working on some projects to maintain databases

At least they need to cross verify before passing a decision even few days back i was just searching some gigs related my requirements and i received email about first warning. This is totally unprofessional and unfair. Just imagine when you invest a lot of time to polish your profile and buyer also pass five star and without any bad report when the team will pass restricted email to anyone of us this will be so painful, as we are working for him and they need to work for us in fair and best way,

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