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All of my gigs disappeared

You may clear your stance via mailing the customer support , i am sure they will look at this for you.
I know how hard it is as i just received 3 star review from one of my client who was pleased with the initial delivery but still gave 3 stars , i could have write a response to justify myself but i was afraid that i will get a warning. so i just replied him with “thank you”. and know all of my gigs disappeared from the search result even within two days. and all three of my ranked gigs are disappeared , logically the gig with the bad review could be d ranked.
But we can do nothing about this and just wait to get the gigs back.
I will recommend you to reach fiverr customer support with a detailed mail with proof about the work you were delivering in your service. I am sure they will corporate with you.

I already email him but still no progress, same here my all giggs are also inactive ,

This is exactly what I am trying to lead you to. Some things cannot be solved head-on.

If you change how you see a thing, your options change.