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All of my gigs ranked down in last page!

I have 7 gigs in total. There were two gigs from i got order regularly but in 2nd January i discovered that all of my gigs were dropped down in the last page.
So what should i do now?
Thank you.



Share your gig all social media Specially: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter


share your gig in social site .

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Thank you a lot. Have a good day:)

promote your gig more and more.

Try to update the keywords and stay online/be active at forum as much as you can… Wish you luck! :star2:

try to take some orders from your old buyer or buyer req. and stay online/be active at forum as much as you can good luck

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Try to promote your gigs in social media especially on Twitter, Facebook gig exchange pages, dribble, etc.

Thanks Have a good day,

My gig is ranking on the last page once I turned on vacation mode. After that my top selling gig is on the late page. I am sharing gig regularly and have tried many campiagns on social media but nothing works