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All of my orders have disappeared

Well, from the ‘sales’ area at least. That is the section I use the most as it actually allows you to see the gig that has been ordered as well as whether any extras have been ordered too (ideal for filtering through the list). I see this (screenshot attached). Anybody else getting the same problem?

Makes me sad to look at that 317 cancellations by the way :frowning: just three weeks ago that was at 150 or something like that! Damn vacation mode glitch…

This is meant to be in bugs :frowning:

Wow, that stinks (not the word I would’ve preferred, but didn’t want to tempt the fragglesrock fairy)~ Hope it rights itself soon for you.

wow you’re are getting much orders.

@ryangillam. LMAO.

mrbilalmemon said:
  • wow you're are getting much orders.

This was his cue to message me telling me that he is a professional writer and wishes to take some of these orders off my hands...

Reply to @ryangillam: He has been writing spam messages all day.

This was his ‘sample’ to prove that he is a professional writer…wondering where I get him on board :confused:

Reply to @ryangillam: Holy moly! Better jump on that quick Ryan. With grammar such as that, you’ll never know when you’re going to see such a masterpiece again. That sample was the BEST!