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All of sudden all of my gigs arent appearing in search

All of sudden all of my gigs aren’t appearing in search, I have searched on all pages and doubled checked but still my gigs aren’t appearing in search. I am level 2 seller and completed TRS requirements this month with 500+ reviews. I am shocked why this is happening fiver support isn’t replying Please help me,

Note: I haven’t done any changes to my gigs.

Anees Ayub

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Please use the above link to check the status of your gig

it says Active for Gigs

Then it’s visible in search.

There are so many gigs in your category that you probably just aren’t looking through enough pages.

I have gone through each page from 1 to last pages with different keywords and my all gigs impressions are also dropped down from 400-500+ individual gig impression to 80-100

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If your gig is getting impressions then it’s visible in search.

Impressions are when your gig shows up in Fiverr’s search. People don’t have to click on your gig for you to get an impression. To me this just sounds like your gig has moved to a different page, which is normal and happens to everyone.

What might be cause for concern is if you got 0 impressions and your gig was displaying as Active.

i have checked on 5 different devices and all of my gigs arent appearing on any pages of fiverr.

My gigs are appearing on search results but they are not found on first 5 pages. :sob:

Then you shouldn’t be getting any impressions and your gig shouldn’t be displaying as Active.

We can’t do anything about this. If there’s really an issue then support will resolve it - just be patient.

thanks waiting for support reply

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check the last page, maybe it is there

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am facing same issue

i am having same issue.