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All of sudden my gig has gone to last page :/

just today without any reason my gig has gone to end pages :confused: . It was my main gig with over 13k reviews, i was getting orders on page 1, now it has gone to page 63. Not sure what to do, this was my full time job. Very frustrating!!


There are only 48 spots on the first page of the Fiverr search page so no one should expect to be there for long. Now Fiverr is giving someone else a chance to be featured in the earlier pages. It is only fair. :wink:

Also, we have found that each time a different person searches for a gig they will find it in a different location.


Each user sees gig placement differently.

Also, the first page is a privilege. Just because you were there, that doesn’t mean you should stay there or even close. That’s not how these things work, as we have discussed in the forum many times.


Why can’t I find my Gig while searching? Why is my Gig no longer in the same spot in the marketplace?

A Gig’s position in the marketplace is based on seller performance over a set period of time. Gig positions are not permanent and can rotate on a daily basis. There are many factors to take into consideration, some of which may include order cancellations, delivery rate, responsiveness, etc. There may be other Gigs currently performing at a higher rate than yours. If other sellers are ranked higher, they may be consistently getting 5 stars, delivering on time, communicating quicker, etc. This all counts. Make sure you deliver high quality, original work, avoid late deliveries and cancellations, be responsive and always keep a professional manner.

The above is from here:

You have several negative reviews in the last month.


Informative comment. I will try my best to follow. Thank you!


same problem too for me.

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you are not understanding this, i wasnt just randomly placed on first page for 5 years, i had to work hard, spent day and night to deliver such quality work. Started from bottom then it took months to reach top place. So its only fair if new sellers should do same. Now within 1 second my gig jumped from page 1 to page 60+ without any reason, That has never happened in past 5 years.
@humanissocial yes i should stay there as i have maintained HIGH QUALITY work, statistics are good , no warnings, no cancellation, High number of orders in queue.
@lloydsolutions 2 of the negative reviews were by accident, buyer wanted to change it but no option so left it as that.
This is very unfair system, how can you throw your senior seller who maintained the position for such a long time to last page, never came across any platform who does that. SHOCKING!!!


You don’t get to stay just because you worked hard. It is based on value for Fiverr. You don’t get a gold star for working hard. That isn’t how business works.

Anyway, this isn’t even possible. There are thousands of sellers here and and many of them work very hard. How do they all fit on the first page, under your rationale?

Also, your performance is only one factor in your ranking. Many factors are out of your control and they are based on Fiverr’s goals. This is true in any marketplace. No one owes you anything.

Algorithms are dynamic, not static. They are programmed to take certain actions based on conditions the company has set to achieve their desired results.



Here is a Tip from my side.

You targeted "Minimalist Logo ( 12,249 Gigs), Modern Logo (13,116 Gigs), Clean Minimalist Logo (7,196 Gigs), Business logo (18,414 Gigs). Getting my point? These are all high competitive Keywords.
Do your research and choose less competition.

Logo Design is probably most competitive niche. You need to be extra brilliant to Outclass 74,981 Gigs. Sometimes fiverr gives you advantage by shuffling Gigs but its temporary most of the times. Staying on first page in this niche is really very hard.



Yes, I do understand how you feel and I am sorry you are upset. :neutral_face:

I have several TRS friends who have also experienced this problem. I upsets them a great deal. However, Fiverr makes the rules because it is their site. When you buy 51% of the stock in the company, maybe they will let you have a say. :thinking: :wink:

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I have noticed about you in all topics, since last night thats what i have been checking, in every topic you comment negative stuff, never ever i came across something good came out of you.
OFCOURSE YOU GET TO STAY!! if someone is working hard day and night, keeping the performance good then what is going to stop them from staying? you?
Who ever is performing well should be on top.
@engrfaiz i believe i was more than extra brilliant who stayed at the top with high quality work, quality is still same, nothing has changed. Why are they not shuffling other gigs at the top? many sellers has 3 and 4 gigs on page 1, why no body is saying anything about them, why they are not going to page last?


yes i get that but why would you throw your senior sellers to last pages? thats beyond me
if performance is not good then your gig should drop slowly maybe few rows, maybe few pages but not the entire category.
How can you go from page 1 to page 65 now :confused:

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Working day and night doesn’t mean you get what you want.

This is a business, not a charity. Fiverr is going to do what is best for their business.

so according to you best for business is throw gigs with 15k reviews to end page and gigs with 0 reviews to page 1. Thats very good for business, i get your point now!


Fiverr rotates gigs to show new buyers that they have a shot and also give variety to buyers. Results rankings are also tailored to each visitor. This has been discussed here many times.

Your idea is short-sighted.

But maybe Fiverr should take advice from you instead. Gold stars for everyone who works hard and gets high sales!

no i think you should run the fiverr as you are acting like you know everything here. So might as well!
I am never going to accept the decision of removing best seller with new seller without any reason. They need to think of a different way to give new sellers a chance.
I never got a chance when i started it, had to wait months to reach to top level, whereas new sellers now, jump straight to page 1 for doing jack all!!


No, I am telling you how things work. I am telling you common business knowledge.

You are saying that their business practices are wrong. You think Fiverr and all the other major corporations that practice this way are doing it wrong.


are you calling these 1000s of sellers stupid who are facing same issue and messaged on forums for help.
That is wrong, why would you throw your best seller at the end to rot there. If seller is doing anything wrong then give warning or tell them. Their gig simply shouldnt move to the end, it should go down gradually depending on how bad the performance is.
My stats are 100%,100%,99% and 4.9 ratings


This is totally right. If you want to know the reason, I’m pretty sure that 12 bad reviews in 2 months gave you these results (you can only guess what they wrote in private reviews).
Instead of arguing with other users, you could simply try to listen to them.

At the same time I agree that this measure is harsh.


No I’m not and that is an illogical conclusion.

Again, I’m telling you how things work and why. I’m not imagining it. Your ratings don’t change that.

If you want to tell corporations that they are doing it wrong and you know better than them, go ahead.