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All Of Sudden My Ranking and Sales Got Down


I just posted a gig and it was making good sales for almost 2 weeks and also it was on my first page for a specific keyword but I all of sudden the ranking and sales went down… no to mention, 1 order cancellation took place but rest 10 orders are fine.

Is there any specific problem or bug with fiverr SEO algorithm?

No,there is not any specific problem. Fiverr seems to cycle different buyers through where they rank in the search results. A seller will be on first page for a time and then it seems Fiverr gives others a turn.


Now fiverr made it permanent go away to my gig which I feel very uncomfortable with this cycle thing. What I noticed is that, fiverr is giving more chances to Western countries and denominating the ASIAN and other low GDP countries. I don’t think fiverr is playing good with all the users from various countries.

My sales are also down from last 10 days.
One of my main Gig which is on the first page from last 8 months and it is still on the first page but not getting new sales.

I am level 2 and not demoted a single time.