All orders delivered and completed, yet the client keeps on asking revisions


The initial contract was for 55 gigs. this guy bought 20 and provide me with a template for calculating his financial loss. Now that i have done his work the problem is that all 20 orders are left for his review. he keeps on coming with lame excuses and his own calculations that he wants stating yasir "why you did not take this into account, and take this and this, i did not ask for this, etc. " the problem is he will destory my fiverr account rating if i do not do revisions. it has bene over a week his orders were completed and i have delivered much more than i can do despite spending hours he is STILL not happy and literally threatening me. I have contact fiverr custoer suppor tover a week ago but they seem to be enoying sales and nothing response from their end depsit me being a level 1 seller. What to do? I fear if i deny further changes he will screw up ALL 20 gigs reviews. i am extremely tensed and i cannot work more on his work because he simply is a dumb person and has absolutely no mathemtical logic behind the losses he is coming up with… Experts! PLEASE HELP :frowning:


I’m sure if you contact the team at Fiverr and screenshot his threatening messages you can make sure you doesn’t leave you negative reviews. It’s a large order to agree upon. Have you worked with this person previously?


You need to report the issue to Fiverr immediately.

Do not put more time into this than it is worth. You have the right to refuse further revisions from your buyer. Is delivering the same job numerous times worth the one positive review?

All the best of luck with the issue. Hopefully it gets sorted.


Early i faced the same problem and lost my coins


I think you should indicate with your gig description your terms and condition. Like what I did to my buyers, a minor edit, modification is ok but to redo I will make them to pay for another order because they were not be able to send me a clear instructions. I suggest you should tell you buyers nicely about your situation and you need their payment to continue otherwise you will lose them by cancellation and lose both side party.


1 big advise to all sellers , take a snapshot and attach it and tell them to take a look at the attachment of your work , if they are happy with it , deliver the gig and thats it no coming back.

this is what i do

1: send attachment and tell them to review the work if they say its good thats it send the file.

message : Hello sir here is your file i hope you like it.

Kindly submit this gig as completed and please leave me 5 star rating thanks allot boss.

you do this watch how many good feed you get + nobody will try mess with you


Thanks for the comments everyone. Finally the buyer stopped communicating and I also did not bother asking for his reviews