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All over again :) [Writing Blog Posts & Articles for $5]

Hey :woman_mage: :sunny:

Recently, I gathered up enough courage to become a seller after browsing Fiverr as a buyer for a couple of months.
I made 6 gigs totally unrelated to each other, and my profile bio was not really descriptive enough. After thinking about it for a day, I came to the conclusion that it may have been the reason for the lack of orders, despite the rise of clicks.
So, as a result, I did a bold move and removed my gigs and my bio, and started everything all over again :slight_smile:
Now I just finished creating my first professional gig, choosing the words carefully in the meantime :smiley:

I now invite you to check out my gig(s) if you have a request concerning Blog Posts and/or Articles. :smiley: :sunny:

P.S.: Do not worry about the price, it starts from $5 because Iā€™m not really looking for profit at the moment, only good reviews :smiley: !

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