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All prank/fun gigs removed


Hey guys

I have been on Fiverr since November, this is a new account I created in December.
I have had quite a few orders and my gigs have been removed, the pranks as category is completely removed.
I have been warned after I created a new gig same kind as before.
I think a lot of people are confused as to why are prank videos or pie in the face/ messy videos not allowed anymore when there was loads of people selling the same kind of videos.
No warning, nothing…everything just disappeared. Does anyone know why?

Thank you


Do you have 2 accounts? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :roll_eyes:

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No :slight_smile: so I had an account but I used my real name on that so I had to shut that one down and create a new one

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Just in case, I would suggest you contact CS and let them know about this. It’s better to have your back covered.

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Fiverr has been slowly changing the types of gigs they allow. Cosplay, ASMR, and other “fun” (as in, not regarded as “professional”) gigs are being slowly phased out of the system. :frowning: Sorry


Okay thank you guys ! It is a shame but what can we do :frowning:

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