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All Secrets revealed

First I wrote this for a specific person then I changed to make it public. You might see some irrelevancy. I have not edited the post.

  1. Be sure that all the services you are offering you can do them at least at a medium level.
  2. Do keyword research. There is a tool named It’s very simple to use add your main keyword in there choose Fiverr. Then select keywords and they will show up in the other box only pick relevant keywords sometimes it shows relevant keywords go through all of them. Export them. THEY ARE GEMS HIDDEN IN THERE FOR SURE. Do this for all of your gigs and save them separately. It would be convenient to rename the exported .txt files.
  3. Go to search them all in search results there they say the number of services copy-pastes it in front of your keyword in the file. Keep this in mind we are looking for those keywords which have less number of gigs and have the potential of orders for new buyers mean it has a great number of orders if this is not the case. Then delete that keyword from the list.
    NOTE`: Fiverr will, again and again, ask you for CAPTCHA fill keep patience keep doing that and do the research after logging out from your account.
  1. Then make the good looking gig images for your gigs using or Photoshop as you are selling whiteboard animation make videos for your gig. But I will suggest you make a video of yourself talking in front of your mobile camera with a good background if this is not possible to use whiteboard animations.
  2. Now write gig descriptions. Research the TOP RANKING buyer in your niches to get ideas. Your gigs might be good I have not checked them all. Try to add your main keyword in the first line and the first paragraph. It must see generic and attractive. You can only use a word 5 times in the description. Add the main keyword in your gig and SEO title. Try to add your keyword when writing order descriptions.
  3. Now when this is done do NOT rely on the algorithm to try to get orders and traffic from external sources like social media. It will give your ranking a boost and you will be ranked higher than before.
  4. Try to pass tests if you can not necessary but give it a try. If your score is low you have the option not to make it public or to improve it.
  5. Keep staying online for at least 12 hours a day. Send all buyer request if possible. Do not send irrelevant requests.
  6. When making custom offers do it peacefully mean discuss everything in complete detail so it’s easy for both of you.
  7. Above all keep PATIENCE this is the only key to success. :star_struck:
  8. Try your best to avoid scammers.
  9. First Concentrate on building your profile. Prefer orders then money. You will have it eventually.

Best of luck to everyone. :+1: :+1:t6: :fist:t6:

That’s everything I have for you guys. I hope you learned something. Spread it to everyone.


There is no such thing as “ranking” in the Fiverr search system. The search system is governed by a dynamic algorithm that shows different results for different users. Please stop perpetuating this false “rank” idea. It does not help other people to be sharing false advice.

Staying online, on Fiverr, just for the sake of being online, does not guarantee more sales.

No, unfortunately, it is not. Setting goals, and working hard to achieve them is the path to success.

It is against the forum rules to promote your gig links in this category. As @imagination7413 said, you can ONLY promote your gig link in the “My Fiverr Gigs” category. You can only post your links in the “Improve My Gigs” category if you are asking for help.


I’m not here to read this post, but:

You are not allowed to spam links to topics you create on threads that have nothing to do with it. Please stop.

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Ranking/rank are terms Fiverr themselves use.


Using a consistent keyword in your Gig title, description and tags will help improve your search ranking on Fiverr

If other sellers are ranked higher, they may be consistently getting 5 stars, delivering on time, communicating quicker, etc

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@uk1000, please be mindful of how these new sellers are using the word, “rank”. The search system does not provide a rank to sellers. That’s not how dynamic algorithms work. As you well know, one person is going to see a certain gig in a different place in the results, than someone else conducting the same search. Fiverr’s use of “rank” refers to a seller’s ability to meet Fiverr’s metric requirements, and seem to be expressed as a general term of improvement.

This is easily supported by how Fiverr worded the second of your two quotes.

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Remove Your Fiverr Profile Links Then You will be Unflagged…

The second of the 2 quotes is talking about a gigs position in search results though, not the levels.

Here’s another quote from the same page:

How can I have my Gig ranked higher?

Promoting your Gigs on social media, websites, or blogs is a great way to bring more traffic. The more traffic you bring, the more exposure you will receive in our marketplace. In addition, completing your orders in a timely manner and providing great service can affect your ranking. As long as you are doing well in these areas, your ranking will improve.

Yes 2 peolple may see different results, and the same peson may see different results the next time they do the same search (but I think normally it will only be slightly different eg. when I tried the gigs that were on page 1 stayed on page 1 as far as I could see and just changed positions by around a couple of places).

So by Fiverr’s terminology, gigs are ranked in search results, even if they’re ranked differently for different users at different times.

The nature of my previous comments remain true.

Based on all those quotes from the Fiverr pages (where they talking about ranking in relation to Fiverr’s search), I think it does show that there is such a thing as “ranking” in the Fiverr search system though.

You can call it a 1 time ranking that will be different for different people/or at different times if you want, but they are temporarily given a certain rank (position in search results) - at least for that user (the one who’s done the search) at that time.

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