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All Senior and TOP RATED, PRO Sellers: Beware of Copy Cats


Requesting all Best and Senior, PRO, TOP RATED sellers on fiverr, please Beware of copycats. Today when i am checking search tags of my gigs, i found a copycat seller who has my Roll up banner 3rd gig image as his main gig image. Attached the proof and also attached an original image which used in my gig.


These banners are originally designed by me to my client’s projects and I work hard and designed each and every gig image for all my gigs. Now copycats like these are spoiling all other sellers reputation. They are directly competing with the original artwork holders and placing the gig images, copying gig description and tags and everything.

This is completely against fiverr TOS and i have reported to FIVERR CS team regarding this.

Why are they offering services when do not have time to create their own gig images or text content? Because of this kind of sellers, many buyers complaining regarding the quality of the work which they deliver is very very poor and low quality.

Recently one buyer asks me that he need to a trifold brochure modification as the original seller is not sending print quality and final brochure files with bleed and CMYK color settings. The buyer sent me the files and when i checked it i got shocked. The seller charged $100+ for that design and he simply designed with no proper spacing and folding lines and the resolution is 72 which is not recommended for print. Print files always need a resolution of 300 dpi or more.

I replied to the buyer that i have to redesign from scratch as the original seller has not used proper color code and resolution as well as he did not split the page equally. when i explained the buyer and sent my portfolio of previous designs, he said that the original seller also has beautiful gig images and after looking at his sample gg images he ordered that sellers gig and quality doesn’t match with any one of his gig image quality.

The buyer share that original sellers profile and when i checked his profile all his gig images are stolen from major freelancing websites and other sellers portfolios. After a long chat with the buyer, he lost his trust on Fiverr sellers because of that original designer cheated him without providing quality work for the amount he paid.

I am sure there will be 100s of incidents like this and many buyers losing trust on sellers because of few copycats all senior Honest, Hardworking sellers losing their reputation.

My sincere request to all new sellers kindly spend some time before offering some services on fiverr, please read fiverr TOS follow the rules, do not copy anyone’s images or gig description. There are so many helping threads on fiverr forum for new sellers. Please read those forum posts.

If you dont have time to create your images or gig description or own strategy to market your services then please do not spoil someones reputation.

COPYCATS: Please do not join fiverr

  1. if you (are a copycat and) dont have original talent in you
  2. If you dont have your own business plan or strategy to promote your services and get some orders
  3. if you are willing to ask senior sellers and disturbing them with help or suggestion related messages

Please be Honest and Trustworthy to all the buyers.

Also one copycat sent a message here The way to succeed in
to find his gig image. I found that in 10 seconds. he is using a shutterstock video footage and captured a screen and using it as his profile image. here is the link of that copycats profile image

So new sellers please do not mess up with other sellers. there are so many smart sellers and senior sellers to find all copycat sellers here.

Mod Note: Link edited , as it was directed to a user.


The smartest one I have ever come across copied all of my Gigs, then messaged me asking me if I would do white-label work for him. Brilliant move.


Some say it’s a form of flattery.

I say it’s :pig: hogwash.

Unfortunately, it happens all the time. The only thing you can do is :triangular_flag_on_post: flag copycat gig!

These Sellers are LAZY plain & simple with no creative bone in their bodies.



Yes, you are right most of the sellers are like that. they don’t want to work hard but their expectations are very high. They want to earn in thousands of dollars but they don’t want to work hard to set up their own gig images or descriptions. They have time to find beautiful gig images from millions of other sellers gigs but they don’t have time to create 1 original gig image for their own.

Many new buyers are losing trust because of these copycat sellers.


True dat.

But remember the cream always rises to the top. :wink: If a Buyer ordered a roll up banner from the copy :cat: stealing your gig image. If the copy :cat: cannot deliver the quality work they’ve boldly displayed. Well, that would reflect “poorly” on the rip-off artist (misleading). The copy :cat: will most likely pay the price with a negative feedback from a pissed off Buyer.

Stealing the work of others is easy.
Duplicating it is another thing! :deer:

Have a GOOD one! :slightly_smiling_face: :pineapple:


The copycat may or may not get negative feedback from the buyer. but the truth is that frustrated buyer is not willing to hire any designer on fiverr and leaving this beautiful platform because of these copycats.

Because of these copycats the original artists are also suffering. There are thousands of hardworking sellers and they are working all the day and night to satisfy the clients with their best services. Because of these copycats all those hard working sellers are suffering and losing some potential buyers.