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All Skill Tests Score Are Not Displaying On Profile

Hello! I have passed two skill test (SEO & Wordpress 5.1) As i see in my profile, it is showing only one wordpress 5.1 skill score and not SEO skill test score. Couple days before it was showing both skills score.

The skill test score helps us to maximize our sales and also it makes customer to judge about our skills.

I request to the admin and technical support team to fix this error.

Thanks in advance
Best Regards,
Shweta R Kumbhare


maybe fiverr bug :roll_eyes:

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Hey fiverr! Thanks for solving the error.
Thank you so much.

Best Regards
Shweta R Kumbhare


I have same issue, I can see passed test in mobile app but these are not displayed in desktop view nor show to buyers
I also request to admin and support for fix my profile issues


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I hope fiverr will resolve this bug soon.

i had the same isuue but it got solved in few days

I can’t pass the exam, How learn Qusten answer

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the exams are a bit tough. come with little preparation you can pass.

Hello! I have the same problem. I’ve passed both English & Spanish language tests and none of the test scores/badges are showing on my profile. Could the admin and support help fix it?