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All techniques have failed to receive new orders

Hi! Everybody,

Around three months ago, I was over occupied with work at fiverr. But, after introducing of fiverr level system, I could not get buyers’ order & my level also dropped down from level 1 to new sellers.

I have used all techniques to get buyers attention like launch new gigs, advertised gigs at facebook, reduced pricing. But all efforts went in vain. Frequently visiting buyers request. But it often, there is no buyers request displayed when I check it. Now, My gig has also lost its placing order.

Considering the above fact, can any one tell me any viable & workable technique so I my get orders from buyer.

Thanks & regards,

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Hi there! :sunny:

You’ve got 4 gigs, 3 of which are very similar. You offer article writing - why not offer articles in different niches, start a blog, add sample articles to your blog, turn your articles into videos and upload to YouTube etc. - post links on a Facebook fanpage?

At the moment your gigs are very niche - maybe not many buyers are looking for what you’re offering?

Anyway, good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


Dear Offlinehelpers,

Thank you so much. Your suggestions seem very helpful. I should follow it right from today.


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You’re very welcome, and I hope it all works out for you! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m also not receiving any massage or order from 20 days. Is there any issue with my profile or gigs or something other problem.

Don’t give up try to share your gigs on social media and send buyer request every day also if you still not getting order then make some changes in gig like title or desc or tags hope one day will our day and we will get lot order like other which are getting lots of order in present time.