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All the gigs in my account are available on the last page

I had six gigs in different categories on my account.
Three of these gigs were found on the first page of the search.
But after searching for the last two days, it is no longer available on the first page or even on the second or third page.
Currently, all the gigs in my account are available on the last page.
Simply put, my gigs have been dropped from ascending to descending.
Even if I search by typing my gig title, my gigs are not found.
All I understand is that all the gigs in my account have been made so that my gigs are not found in the search engines first.
It can never be fair.
But I always come with good service to my buyers. I didn’t even cancel an order recently.
Previously I moved my gig from the first page to the second or third page to cancel the order at different times.
Earlier my gig went from the first page to the second or third to cancel the order. That was a very normal thing.
When I did well again, my gigs came to the front page. But now all the gigs in my account have gone to the last page.
I’ve had a lot of trouble getting all my gigs to the last page at once. As the gigs go to the last page, I don’t get any new orders or even messages.
I am a full-time freelancer. My financial situation will be adversely affected as all the gigs go to the last page at once.How can I get a solution


I am disgust whit this! From last 2 month all of my gig has been disappear from search engine! This is insane!

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Have you spoken in support?

2 Times. They said everything is normal but I don’t see any change.

I have this problem. My gig has been stuck in the same place for three months. They don’t rotate. Even if I complete the returning client orders with reviews, the gig won’t shake.

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I am also facing same problem.I also contact with CS with didn’t get any satisfactory or valid answer from Cs.

You guys are lucky. Mine were removed from search, I mean they are not on any page. They are still shown as active when I search in the customer support tool. So… it can be worse.

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@gsmgraphic9 same here man!

Check this out: Gig from first to last page, Search Algorithm Problem - HERE IS WHAT WORKED FOR ME!