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All Things EPL to be Discussed Here

Matches to look forward to this weekend:

West Ham vs Tottenham - West Ham will be devastated after another defeat, so worth a watch. As a football sadist I eagerly look forward to the reaction of West Ham supporters when that happens :slight_smile:

Leicester City vs Liverpool - Neither team can afford not to win. Klopp’s reputation is on the line for the first time since he has been in the EPL. Not looking good.

Man City vs. Crystal Palace - LOL, looking at a cricket score here :joy:


Yeah, pretty much agree with that analysis although Klopp has been on the line for a while I think - Brendan Rodgers had a better win ratio in his time there and he was sacked…

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Well, never mind, Writer will always say what Writer wants to say, flagging never stopped me, ban me and I will become a Pro :sunglasses: [Looks like an easy win for Spurs.]


Jesus Christ people, why I am getting so many messages from potential clients all of a sudden? Has my gig been featured or something. Damn, I just want to enjoy football this evening.

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You pretty much called it today.
Klopp wins but defence is just as bad as ever

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I wonder if palace are going to get any points at all this season!