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All this effort for only 2 sales in 2 months?

Hey, everybody.

I really need some help here. I’m a part time web and social media designer, a mom, and I really need a car. :slight_smile:

I have a couple gigs ( ) both in English and Spanish but sales are definitely not going well. I have been sharing my gigs via Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedInd, contacting old buyers for 2 months and I only sold 2 gigs!

This is really discouraging… =((

Would you be so kind to give me any suggestion that could help me get more sales? maybe any other gig I could offer?


I could suggest one more thing to do which may help you to start better but it will take more work.

In one gig you will create facebook cover for example. Why not offering 2-3 covers for $5? When you start selling it and get nice feedbacks and regular customers you increase your price and charge $5 for a single cover again.

Aslo, there are a lot of design workers around here so maybe the problem is price. For example, on one of your gigs you will remove background on 2 images. But check this guy:

He will remove background for 10 images for the same price. I didn’t compare your gigs carefully but that’s rough example.

So, check your competition for prices and see if you are maybe expensive.

everybody is sufferring same issue

There is no secret formula. Everyone in business pretty does it the same way no matter if we are talking about Fiverr, Google, Microsoft or your Local Car Dealer. They look at their competition to see what they are doing and than try to do better.

My recommendation is to look at your competition on fiverr and see if you can better them. Maybe a video, better offer, etc.

Other than that, it sounds like you are doing the right thing by promoting your gig. What about your gig views and impressions (check your stats). If you are getting a lot of views but no sales it could be that people are looking but after checking out your competition they think their offer is better.

I wish I had a secret formula, but there really is none. Besides doing the above a little luck does help. So here’s me saying I hope a little luck comes your way.

Good Luck


Thank you for your good wishes, Stevie… It’s good to have someone who pays attention and gives a good advice.

I’ll try to present my gigs better, I’ll go for the video and I’ll keep trying.

Thank you again.

Thank you for your suggestions m2webs :slight_smile:

It would require more work as you mentioned. I tried to be different to others sellers offering really quality work that takes more hours a day but it is not working.

My attitude has always been "If I don’t have anything better to do, why not."

It’s not selling yourself short if the alternative is getting zero business.

There were days, and still are, where I’ve had nothing better to do so I put in a ton of time on a $5 gig. You can scale-back once you start getting more gigs.

The “extras” I do I look at as training. Any professional who says they don’t need training isn’t very professional. I’ve been doing my thing for over 20 years and I learn a new technique or facet of my job almost every day. Granted, I don’t do as much as I used to, but I still have down time.

So I guess all that blah blah blah can be summed up as: “The man who made $5 for lots of work is $5 richer than the man who made $0 for doing nothing.”

You don’t have enough gigs, you need to get creative! Figure out what people are searching for. Some might be searching photoshop, others might be searching Bolivia, or marijuana images or whatever. If you have 8 gigs, you can increase your chances of people finding you. I don’t always get orders for book titles, because I have headlines, tag lines, headlines for t-shirts, e-mails, and radio, I’m averaging between 1-7 orders a day. If I can figure out other gigs in the future, I’ll add them. For now I’m happy with what I have.

Reply to @fastcopywriter: Serious question:

fastcopywriter said: Figure out what people are searching for.

How do you do that? I hear a lot of people talk about it when they talk about keyword optimization and the like. How does anyone other than Fiverr, know what people are searching for on their system? I know it must be being done because so many people talk abut it, I'm just clueless what the process is, to obtain that kind of data.

Fiverr will not share that data so you must somehow analyze it. Research your competitors in your category and see what sells the best. Who is having work and who is not. Do extensive research and then if you see what is selling try to offer that better or a bit different, to be unique.

So you will not get keywords from fiverr but obviously what kind of job has more sales is probably more times searched.

Thanks a lot for your comments @fastcopywriter, @liquidlettuce, @m2webs.

Next week I’m going to try all your suggestions and let you know how it turnet out for my business.

For now… thank you :smiley:


Okay. So it is not a big problem. I will tell you how to get sales. Give time to Go to buyer requests and send daily offers. Sending buyer requests will show the buyer requirements and also the requests will be related to your gigs. Get ideas from others gig don’t make the same gigs it will be shown as a spam but only get ideas from others gig. Make more gigs.

Reply to @liquidlettuce: I try different keywords and see what comes out. I might try horror, satan, poetry, headline, and see who’s doing that. Part of is is being creative, if everyone is selling domains, maybe you can offer 6 letter domains, or why use the word domains? Why not call it websites or some other name so when people search, they find you.

Of course, Fiverr results are arbitrary. Nowadays when you search “book titles,” you can’t find my gig. I don’t know why, I have a ton of positive reviews.

Reply to @weblife1: Thank you for your suggestions. :slight_smile: