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All this offers ? no sells

Hello everybody

11 Months since a joined Fiverr ,I’m a Young Graphic Designer, in the begging there was a lot of commandes but now there is no buyers I don’t sell anything ,I have been sharing my gigs via Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest :-(( Why ? I don’t understand

This is really discouraging… >:P

Would you be so kind to give me any suggestion that could help me get more sales? maybe any other gig I could offer?

Your rating is 93%. Why is that? Did you forget to deliver your orders on time? Did you get forced cancellations? Your gigs don’t have any work samples, nothing to show buyers what you can do. That’s why you’re not getting orders. You also have to think if people really want to pay $5 for you to hold a sign as Rey Mysterio. Who’s searching for that? Now maybe if you could dress as Aladdin, or something people actually are searching, you’d do better. In fact, right now nobody is doing anything with Aladdin, so it could be a huge opportunity for you.

This is what Aladdin looks like, assuming you don’t know.

Allow me to hop in :slight_smile:

I checked your gigs now, and I will be honest, it did not make me

want to order your gigs.

Your gig descriptions are very inconsistent. For example, the Simpson gig

has a pretty good detailed description while your other gigs have spelling errors,

grammar mistakes, and overall not sounding professional/friendly.

Just by having grammar errors will make many people not want to order your gig

since they tend to get worried about having communication problems.

Also, none of your gigs have sample images like fastcopywriter pointed out.

For someone who claims to be “professional,” not having samples makes you

look unprofessional.

You might want to check other people’s work and see how they present

their gigs with detailed descriptions and sample work.

Reply to @fastcopywriter: But in the beginning, I exceeded 100 Sells and I Was 99% rating till one day a buyer give me bad rating I don’t know why :frowning: , thanks for your advice.

Thanks for being honest,and thank you for your advice