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All time Fiverr analytics


Is there a way to check all time analytics for your Gig regarding impressions, clicks, views and orders?

Currently, I only have max option of 6 months.


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6 months appears to be the maximum time. You could of course keep your own ongoing statistics if you want.

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Hello Antonio! It’s not going to tell you anything you need to know unless you are just curious.

The algorithm changes all the time so what may have been true this time last year about your stats has no relationship to what is happening now.

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Nah, I was just curious. Too bad it can’t be viewed. Thanks for your answers.


what are impressions?? ( very new to Fiverr!!):sweat_smile:

Welcome to the site. :slight_smile:

The impressions stat is concerned with the number of times your gig appears on the homepage or in somebody’s search results. In other words, your gig receives an impression whenever somebody on Fiverr sees it.

ah i see - thanks for clarifying:+1:

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