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Allow a disrespectful buyer for a negative review or cancel the order?

At first, I must mention, I respect all buyers. I always honor their choice and direction. I have 200 reviews here in Fiverr, all are five stars. I have even provided many extra works for buyers’ satisfaction. But sometimes it hurts when buyers don’t respect my works. Today I am going to share a hurtful experience.

I basically make logos in Fiverr. Specially Minimalist/Vintage/Retro type logos. My Gig packages are good comparing to service quality. I provide 5 concepts of logo for $50. From those 5 concepts client can take one. I also have $5 and $20 Gig packages.

3 Days ago i got an order and the buyer wanted me to design a logo that represents a wilted plant or flower. The logo should represent its sad and it needs help. I don’t want to mention the client’s or logo name here. But they provide counseling to absent mind people. I made 5 logos with full dedication and love. Then shared the JPEG with the client and asked for feedback. His first reply was “These logos are not suitable for Twitter/Instagram logos”. Left no feedback about design or concept.

Then I created 5 new concepts with circles. Completely new ideas, not like the previous logos. After seeing those logos buyer replied “These logos are the same, you supposed to provide me 5 different logos. it’s a derivative work. You used only 2/3 fonts. I will mention this in my reviews”. He did not say a single word about the logo design or design concepts. He did not even say if he likes the logos or not. He is after numbers and giving me a kind of warning or threat of a negative review.

When a buyer comes in Fiverr and look for a good logo, he/she should focus on the logo and its quality. Most importantly he/she should look for what actually he/she imagined or visualized for the logo. We are here to help them. We convert their visualization in real. But some buyers really disrespect our effort and time.

Now, if I cancel the order. Fiverr will demote my gig and i may not get more orders. My gigs might not be found in search. I may not get new orders next month. But i really don’t want to take money from those buyers who are not happy with my service and disrespect my hard work. In this case, what is the best solution or step you think i should take? Should i cancel the order? or deliver the order and get a negative feedback from the buyer? I would love to cancel happily but i am worried about fiverr’s partial T&C for buyers.

A message to Fiverr, I am a designer. I love my work. I do it passionately and I served 240 buyers with good reviews. So, sometimes you should care for us and don’t let buyers disrespect or threaten us for negative reviews.

Again, it’s not a regular issue. I faced this kind of issue 4/5 times. But 95% of buyers are good. I got many tips and nice feedbacks from buyers. Some buyers behave like a friend or a brother with me. Fiver is a place of love and long term relation between sellers and buyers. I hope this environment will improve.

Please forgive me for my mistakes in writing.

Thank you


The moment you start offering 5 concepts for $50, you invite buyers like this to take your work for granted. The fact that you’ve never been in a situation like this before just makes you very lucky.

As for what you should do, it’ll depend on how may orders you get on a regular basis. If it’s a lot, a negative review will be barely noticeable among all the 5* you’re getting.


I have to agree with this. “Cheap” (or in this case “much value for a low price point”) often attracts worse buyers than if you were to offer a higher priced product. The barrier to entry is much lower so to speak…


Completely agree with you. But at the end of the day, its fiverr. Buyers come here for cheap price work. You will find 5 concept logos for $20 in fiverr. The competition is like a war here.

I get 1/2 order per day. I canceled one order 2 months ago. Then i did not get any order in next 15 days.

Thank you for your suggestion.


Story time. When I was a newbie on fiverr, I created a poster for someone. My Basic price was $5 back then (in spring 2015), the designs themselves were quick and minimalist.

So I created a poster, the person came back and told me the design wasn’t what they wanted. I had to do a new one, for free. I told them they had to pay me for another one. They refused, stating: “I can’t use this one and I’m not going to pay for the second one. What’s the point if I can’t use it?”

Just to make a point, I told them that I’d make a new one for extra $1. We fought for it. Like, he was seriously considering if he should throw $1 my way for doing 200% of the work.

It was an enlightening experience for me. I raised my prices, revamped my gigs and started offering different services for a different budget.

If you are somehow under impression that if you’re doing quick minimalist work for a basic price then each and every buyer will understand that and won’t take advantage of you and will respect your time and your work, forget about it. They won’t. In fact, they’ll do the opposite. If you devalue your own work, they’ll just follow your lead and do so as well.

Your work looks good, you should respect it. Not to sound cheesy, but if you won’t, no one else will.


Reading your Post I bet your communication is good enough with buyers !
some time we get confused buyers who even don’t have a vision of what they actually wants, if this buyer knew he should have at least gave you his own thoughts on what they want !

cancellation hurts more, I would prefer to take a negative reviews and reply to his reviews on my profile, you have pretty much good reviews and one wont hurt your profile, we all get negative reviews and thats aright…

You gave your time and ad efforts, you deserve your remuneration…!


Thanks for sharing your experience. Its a good lesson for me. I am worried about fiverr T&C and Gig ranking system. That’s why i am afraid of editing the Gigs and price. I may lose ranking and orders. But i will take the risk.

Thank you

Thanks for your suggestion. I try my best for a clear communication with all the buyers.

As i mentioned in my first post, disrespect hurts me more than money. I do good with my local clients. Fiverr is not my only source of income. I am just afraid of Fiverr Gig ranking system. My gigs are ranking good now. I did not want to lose that.

I will be open to the buyer and ask if he wants a refund.

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Someone - it might have been @eoinfinnegan - suggested editing gigs only when you have an order on them open. Edit the gig, then deliver … seems to prevent any repercussions …


This is only maybe true if you’re selling something that has a higher supply than demand and you’re only attractive to sketchy people.

Both of those issues have easy solutions. True professionals know that you get what you pay for. If you aren’t attracting them with a business, then your business is fundamentally flawed.

If you can only get business by charging an extremely low rate, your business is fundamentally flawed. Stop thinking that you can only succeed on Fiverr if you charge peanuts. It’s totally false. I don’t. I make great money here for orders and my clients don’t lowball me, yet I’m in super competitive sub categories. This isn’t luck. It’s value and suitability.


Thank you for your suggestions. I mentioned in my previous replies that i agree to this statement. I should charge more then i will get more professional clients. Still i agree with that and i will change my prices.

But it does not work good at the beginning for a seller with high price of Gig. A professional buyer will spend more and look for sellers with more reviews and levels. I have only 200. I always try to take the order of $50. But still clients negotiate for a $5 logo. They are not bad people, but they have seen good sellers with $5 gig package. They might have seen fiverr promoting for cheap prices Gigs. There could be many more reason behind that. Its the Gig economy here. We all know that.

Just 3 hours ago i delivered an order of a Logo design of $100. That buyer was so happy with the first delivery and gave me a $40 Tips! So, i do get good buyers as well and they value my work and effort. But a very few of them don’t understand the value of hard work.

Sorry for a long reply. I am just sad that i gave 3 days of work and got no feedback from the client on my work but he is counting the numbers of fonts and threatening me of a negative review. I should be able to cancel that order and my gig should not fall down in Gig search rank for that reason. That’s my point.

Thank you

The cheaper the gig, the sketchier the client.