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Allow buyers to "name" orders

As a buyer, it’s frustrating to have all of my orders show up identically in a list without any identifying characteristics. The site should be modified to allow me to enter some sort of identifier that shows up in the list of orders.
I’ve been using this site to have original music transcribed, so I’d like to be able to enter the song name for each order. As it is, I just see the name of the offer from the seller. (see the screen shots for examples)

The need isn’t limited to my little list of projects; if I were commissioning logos or graphic art, maybe I’d want to attach a [client/job] name to each logo, or an internal job number, or whatever.


This does sound like it could be a nice ease-of-use thing, for both buyers and sellers. I currently just keep all the relevant data for my orders on a spreadsheet, which works, but something integrated would be nice.


That’s a great idea, suggest it to Customer Support, they will be more than happy to welcome your advice.

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I agree! That would make project management here so much easier.

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I agree this would be a useful feature.

One thing I’ve done for a client to help them easily search their orders is add a specific tag to each order. They are a reseller and they have a different tag for each client. In the order description I add the specific tag they ask me to when they place an order, then they can use that tag to search their orders and sort them by client.

This only works if they request a custom order and I fill out the description with the tags related to their clients. I know this isn’t exactly what you are asking for, but it could be helpful to have the sellers send a custom offer with the song’s name in the order description so you can use the song name to search your orders.

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Yeah but how? The reason I posted here in the forum is because I couldn’t find ANY way to contact the site folks directly.

That’s a great idea, and should be easy enough to implement.

You can contact them by opening a Ticket.