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Allow creating custom offers with correct conversion to other currencies?

I’m quite new here, so maybe I’m overlooking something, but when I have my site set to €, prices to my gigs are indeed shown in €, but I can only create custom offers in Dollar (this forum doesn’t render standalone dollar signs?), which is awkward, when I have agreed on a price in € with a client and then have to convert it. What’s worse is that the conversion fiverr uses to display the custom offer to the client is… wrong? For example, I agree with my client on 45€, so I Google to convert that to Dollar, currently: 53,34$. So I create an offer with 54$, but the client sees it as 48€ for some reason. So I retract the offer and create a new one with 53$ and the client receives and offer of 47€. I don’t understand where that number is coming from, but either way, fiverr should allow me to choose the currency for each offer or at least always use the one I have selected as default - and of course the conversion needs fixing, unless I’m overlooking something.


You’ve misinterpreted.

You can only bill in US dollars and Fiverr only allows you to pay in US.

The currency you’re seeing is only US dollars converted into whatever the other currency is. You’re just seeing a conversion, not billing in a different currency.

Fiverr does let you convert the fees into your currency before you withdraw, but that’s all.

We can’t choose what currency to bill someone in. No marketplace would operate that way because they’d lose money. It’s always USD.

Please read the ToS.

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Hi, I understand that, and maybe I didn’t express myself properly. Certainly, the offer will always be in USD, however what I am saying is that a) if there is a conversion option on the site, even if it is just visual, then it should apply to all USD values, even in the offer creation view, so for example I can choose to enter a euro amount, and then it would show me the USD value it will convert it to, because, if the customer also has their account set to euro, they will also see the price of that offer in euro (even if the actual internal value is still USD). And b) any website that offers a visual conversion needs to make sure it’s correct, because based on my actual example, it isn’t. Maybe there is just an internal conversion rate that needs to be contiuously updated?

Ah yes the discrepancies in conversion are annoying! USD posted in some places while your chosen currency converted in others. It creates unnecessary work in assessing one’s cashflow and it’s also confusing for all parties.