Allow Custom Withdrawal Amounts


One problem I have been facing on Fiverr is that I can only withdraw my whole balance at once and then will be left with nothing to buy until enough money accumulates again. So it would be nice if we could withdraw custom amounts and keep a balance to buy other gigs with.


I would definitely appreciate custom withdrawal amounts too.

I like to leave some funds in my account in case there are any chargebacks down the road. As it is now, I have to keep checking my cleared and pending funds, and then estimate all the ‘process’ times to keep my cushion. It’s just one more thing that shouldn’t need to be monitored. (And one more thing that makes me wonder if Fiverr is worth the effort.)


I would love this too for that exact reason!


Why would is matter that much. If you are withdrawing to paypal, can’t you just use paypal to buy a gig with?


Reply to @sincere18: Doing so would result in a processing fee, which all in all, adds about an extra 10% onto the price of any gigs that you’d order.

I think that this is a great idea, as i am a buyer as well as a seller on fiverr.


Reply to @katecarlile: ok, taht is fair, I wasn’t thinking about fees…are you saying that when you withdraw revenues there is a fee for that which paypal or Fiverr charges? Is that the processing fee you are speaking of?


Once you buy a Gig on Fiverr with no balance in your Fiverr account Fiverr adds a processing fee to the order of 0,50$ per gig.

If I have a positive balance in my account I do not pay that fee when I order an gig.

Also withdrawing custom amounts would help me balancing my income on a monthly basis.


Reply to @adorable_plum: ok, I understand now. I am guessing there is a reason behind Fiverr choosing to only allow withdrawls of a full balance though.

I’m guessing too that Fiverr probably pays some type of fee on their end for this using paypal as their payment processor. So to have a person withdrawl several times versus one time would incur more costs possibly.

There must be a few reasons for it.


Reply to @itsyourthing: But how often are you having chargebacks? If you are wondering if Fiverr is worth the effort, maybe something needs to shift in your workflow or gigs or something as if you are concerned enough about chargebacks to have to keep checking your cleared funds and all, something may be a little off. Maybe? Just a thought.


Reply to @sincere18: I’ve never had a chargeback. As with everything else on Fiverr, I prefer to plan ahead since so many things can go wrong that have nothing to do with my use of the service. An ounce of my prevention is worth a pound of so-called Fiverr cure. :slight_smile:

My gigs and workflow are fine (although, a few more orders would be cool). I don’t spend hours per day scrutinizing my account details like some of the other users, but when every component of the site - and even the site itself - is prone to go down at any time, it’s a choice between babysitting or letting the chips fall where they may; and the cleanup crew is often out to lunch.

Every day there is more babysitting to be done and the person who gets paid to mind things isn’t doing their job. I’m debating if it’s still a good return on investment.


Reply to @itsyourthing: But then why did you mention chargebacks as a concern of having to watch? If you have never had any, why worry about the odd one that may happen someday.

Do your gigs, after a couple of weeks withdraw your revenues and then continue on along.


Reply to @sincere18:

sincere18 said: But then why did you mention chargebacks as a concern of having to watch?

For the same reasons that ordering, messaging, revenues, profile, gig descriptions, live portfolio, cancellations - everything - needs to be watched; because it doesn't always work correctly, and neither does Customer Support.

Every driver on the road has passed a test, but I still look both ways before crossing the street.


Fiverr already charges 1$ per withdrawal so I think custom amounts should be no problem as long as you pay the 1$ withdrawal fee.


I would love this feature too! I buy/sell lots of gigs on fiverr and hate it when my balance is empty… being able to withdraw just a few hundred at a time would be great.


I’ve gotten in the habit of making withdrawals while there are Pending Clearances and/or Upcoming Earnings. Kind of like a reserve fund.


Reply to @ricksper: That’s what I do, too - and keep my fingers crossed that they really are “pending” and that nothing is broken. :slight_smile:


Yes thats a great suggestion @adorable_plum I am sure everyone faces that challenge, even just being new here.


Is there any evidence of introducing it?


No, I have sent you a reply in a previous thread ;).