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Allow for a longer time for review and an option to favourite sellers


there are so many gigs, where the results show after months time, it’s absolutely unfair, that one is forced to give a review before having enough time to evaluate the product or serivce, which isn’t always immediately possible.

And second, I miss an option to save or favourite sellers too not only the gigs.
I have sellers, that I like overall and I would like an option to follow or favourite them too.


It is true that Fiverr only offers 10 days to write a review but it is from both the ends. Even sellers are also forced to write a review, even when the buyer is not that good in order to view their what they have reviewed.

Sellers do not get paid until 14 days after the order closes, plus the seller may have to wait three days for the order to auto-close. So, if a buyer does not close an order, the seller must wait a minimum of 17 days to get paid. I cannot imagine having to wait for longer than that,


If a buyer can’t evaluate what they purchased within 10 days of buying it, they’re actually buying it way too early and making a very poor investment. If anything if you wait longer than that the seller won’t remember the experience and have to look up the order and history in order to respond to the review.

Reviews become less likely over time, not more likely. You’re assuming that the length of time is why people don’t get reviews but that is faulty logic.

No seller wants to wait that long for a review, anyway.

I wasn’t even talking about order closing, an order shall close automatically as it is, I’m talking about the review option which has nothing to do with the order closing.

@humansocial, no, that’s actually incorrect, there are many gigs that just don’t show up results earlier than maybe 2-3months later like services to rank websites with SEO, some sellers promise continuous good service for that period of time, all of these things cant be reviewed after 10 days. And my perspectve is as a customer, also for sellers that fullfill their promises it is a good one, because they will have an advantage over sellers who don’t or neglect their customers after the review period of 10 days is done.


Yes, that’s true - SEO, even for local (depending where it is!), can take 6-8 weeks to show any but the smallest improvements in search results.

Of course, organic SEO depends on the website updating with good, targeted content in the meantime. The whole process with a newish site does take around 6 months …


I know it takes longer to see SEO success but there are so many factors outside of sellers’ work that play a role in your site’s ranking. It’s wrong to assume you achieved or lost a certain ranking solely because of that project a seller did for you because there are so many factors involved.

And if a seller is doing work whose efficacy can’t be determined at all for months than it’s not appropriate for Fiverr.


A while ago, buyers could leave reviews whenever they wanted, even months after the order was completed.

Unfortunately, many of them have abused that right and blackmailed sellers into doing additional work for free, or they’d leave them a bad review.

After a while, the time to review an order was reduced to 1 month, and then to 10 days.


It could depend on the gig type. If a service needs a particular amount of time (such as SEO or the spell gigs needing more than others were you can see the results as soon as possible) they should allow the reviews to be allowed to be created in that amount of time (or + 1 to 3 days maybe, depending on whether it’s a working day).


I see, that’s bad, I can’t imagine many customers doing that, I suppose there are always black sheep amongst buyers as well as sellers, but this should be quite easy to report from the seller to remove such blackmail reviews, so I can’t see how that makes any sense.

The best option would be as @uk1000 suggested, at least to do it depending on the gig type. I find

Enough for the review period to be shortened.

There are entire books written on how to scam freelancers, and forum discussions advising dishonest people how to do it.

It wouldn’t be always easy, but I’d rather not give detailed instructions on a public forum on how to blackmail sellers and get away with it.

I’m not sure how difficult would it be to give different review times for different services.

Also, as per Fiverr’s Terms of Service, sellers are not even allowed to offer something that takes more than 30 days to complete, nor are they allowed to deliver an order until the work is fully completed. Please don’t ask how’s that rule supposed to work with services like SEO, because I honestly have no idea.


It is simply compatible with workings of SEO, because the work is finished, the result isn’t, that’s the difference. And these things would require a longer period for review.

And there’s still the other thing I miss, an option to save, follow or favourite sellers.

You can’t really favourite sellers but you can favourite their gigs through the gig description page if that helps you.

Also, regarding the discussion above about the review time. I don’t recall ever receiving a single review after the order has automatically been accepted.
If the buyer doesn’t leave a review within 3 days I am 100% sure I won’t get any review for this order whatsoever.

It did happen to others, though, especially those who have been here longer. Sometimes even a month later, or longer.

You just haven’t experienced it yet.

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I’ve been working on Fiverr for 3 years by now. I’m not saying nobody experiences it, I just said I haven’t.