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Allow non-customers to offer feedback about their experience with sellers

My initial experience with Fiverr was terrible. I spent quite a bit of time searching through offers to locate several well-respected service providers which I then recommend to a client based on feedback, delivery time listed, etc. My client chose one. I requested a custom quote for my project from this Fiverr seller. I was asked a nearly irrelevant question by the seller - she wanted to know whether or not she could also recommend and provide the male vocal talent for the other part in the script. I answered this question and reiterated my and my client’s interest in her services. I never heard back from her again. No quote, no no-thank-you, no apology, no explanation. Just non-response.

Unfortunately there is no way for someone like me to report this unexpected result on that provider’s page - meaning that only the people the providers choose to keep happy will be able to say anything at all about their service. This makes the ratings unfairly positive and taints the entire rating system. You should allow for some form of moderated process whereby folks like me can also have a voice in the ratings of a provider’s service.

By the profile picture i’m guessing you’re a photographer. I assume you wouldn’t suggest something like this unless this is how you do business! This brings us to the question how has publishing non client reviews worked for you so far, any pros and cons?

Hey cvapjoe, although I can understand that you felt offended, but I must agree with kjblynx, it is so great that there is no such option. It is already enough, that buyer leaves you a 4 star review(or 3 star) because you refused to do extra work for free, even though he says he liked the work.

In addition a seller is not a customer support staff to assist and consult you. It’s not relevant to leave feedback based on that.

@illustrationpal wrote it all. well said.

By the way, I have a question, that I’d like to confirm. It is said that if you cancel the order on review is left. However I think I have seen a couple of thumbs down, because seller failed to deliver. Is that true? Or is that an old rule?

I’m sorry you had a bad experience, but there’s no way that allowing non-customers to leave reviews for sellers would do more good than harm. The rating system should be based entirely on buyers rating sellers that they have actually worked with.

And there are just so many variables in this situation, there’s no way to know what happened to that seller. Maybe she never received your message (that’s been going around). Maybe she’s on vacation mode and you didn’t realize that she has a message posted that she’ll be AFK for a while. Maybe she got the sense that she wouldn’t be able to deliver what you needed. Sure, she should have sent you a message, but not everyone on Fiverr is a business person (many do this as a “hobby” and therefore aren’t as concerned with providing high-quality customer service) and things slip through the cracks.

I’ve spent days going back and forth with a buyer, sussing out their project, sending them samples, answering countless questions that are all already answered in my gig descriptions, for that buyer to just poof and leave me hanging. Would I get to leave visible negative feedback for those buyers, so I could let other sellers know that they’ll lead you on for days, waste serious time, and never actually buy anything? Some sellers might take the time to try to work with that buyer, but if I saw that kind of feedback on a buyer’s page, I’d bounce.

Again, if she got the inclination that you were going to be difficult to please, she should have messaged you to let you know she couldn’t take on the job, but wanting to leave a bad review for a seller because they just never messaged back is pretty harsh.