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Allow opt-in and opt-out for non-stop "reminder" e-mails (and a method for doing so yourself)

If your gigs are anything like mine, you’re receiving a great deal of 24-hour orders. This means you hit the 12-hour deadline quite often, and, like clockwork, you’ll get a deluge of order notifications and e-mails with “helpful” reminders of this blatantly obvious fact.

Unfortunately, Fiverr has no option to opt out of these notifications. They are directly linked to your e-mail account and there is nothing you can do about it. This should certainly be addressed (I strongly suggest an opt out option to any Fiverr developers or admins who may be reading, at least just an e-mail opt-out), but in the meantime, if you’re using gmail, there is an easy fix:

In your gmail account, after clicking the gear icon, there should be a Settings option. From there, you will find a tab, “Filters and Blocked Addresses.” Then you can click “Create a new filter” to get started.

Set the filter for e-mails from and then in the “Has the words” field, simply include “12 hours” in the filter.

Once you’ve clicked “Create filter,” you’ll have the option to choose what to do with all of these e-mails. You can send them to spam, mark them as read before they reach your inbox, or simply have them deleted straightaway. You can do this for any Fiverr e-mails you don’t want to receive and which you can’t opt out of – but you’ll have to set up a separate filter for each.

So, problem solved for now! Most modern e-mail clients will have similar functionality, so keep an eye out for it even if you’re not using gmail.


What if it’s some other message from fiverr?

That’s what the “Has the words” field that I mentioned allows for. By ensuring the message includes “12 hours” before filtering, no other important e-mails are filtered out. You can even extend this (if you’re worried about it) so that every e-mail must include the words “you have less than 12 hours to deliver” in order to trigger the filter.

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Thank you, I never tried that. :+1:

I’m good at scheduling when I deliver orders but still I’m on the fence about eliminating those.

I can use that for the advertising I get from companies I do business with so it’s useful to know.

This and the fact that people can purchase tons of gig multiples without our consent is a huge problem. These need to be addressed right away, honestly we need to have choice and control over this. How do we get the attention of the Fiverr team with stopping gig multiples (if we want to, of course). Having a button to turn that on/off will help a lot, not everyone can do 5x the work within the same deadline. And many customers don’t really read the description to see you have a limit…

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Yes, I absolutely agree. Being able to dynamically adjust the deadline according to multiples and extras is crucially needed. I submitted a Bug report about that too in the past.

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