Allow Review Ratings or Feedback for SImple Help via Messaging


Hi everyone, I’m still new to Fiverr but plan on spending more time here as a buyer and seller in the future. One item that concerns me is that I am finding that I spend time answering questions and supporting leads as best I can BUT they may not end up purchasing my gig. I wish there was a way that people could leave seller feedback for any reason - not only following confirmed sales or completed orders. I want the Fiverr community to know that I’m helpful and supportive regardless if I made a sale or not. Such reviews may increase my sales chances in the future but new visitors have no information on how many people I helped, only how many I sold and what the buyer’s feedback was. What about the feedback from people I spoke to and supported but never bought my gigs? I wish there was something for that rank.


Isn’t it enough to have our performance rated publically and privately by buyers who’ve paid?

I can see you want some sort of reward for being helpful but fear it would leave to more negative reviews, threats of negative feedback, feedback extortion and generally bring out the worst in many people if it were introduced. :wink:


Why? If it doesn’t result in a sale it means nothing. I don’t want to encourage non-buyers to randomly message me and waste my time.


Interesting feedback.


I think negative feedback from people who didn’t buy from you would have more to do with you not agreeing to accept their low-ball offer than poor customer service.