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Allow screen share or chat

I am probably not the only one here asking about this but seriously fiverr it would be nice to be able to share screens or do a real time chat without having to worry about violating your terms and conditions.

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That brings up the issue about communicating with the client outside of Fiverr which is not allowed and could be a much more gray area. Granted chats can be recorded, but sharing screens? I am not sure as a buyer I would do that. To much anon factor with buyers and sellers in general.

The real time chat is an interesting idea. I wonder what impact something like that would have on gig sales. Meaning only people tied to their computer all day might get sales, the rest would not because buyers would then only want to buy with someone they could directly chat with first, and would be seeing who is online…or do you mean chat AFTER someone has purchased a gig? That would be a different scenario.

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I think the chat and screen sharing idea is a great idea. fiverr should implement that and do random auditing like IRS to ensure clients are not exchanging personal information. I think this idea of not being able to show the buyers your intermediate progress from time to time or explain ideas is bad idea.

My only suggestion for OP is: Take screen shots or learn how to do screen capture recording and send it to the other party as a jpg or mp4 file and wait for the reply.

There is so much that could go wrong on either end. True there are decent buyers/sellers that behave themselves online but there that trouble causing few that will do things that ruin it for others. I don’t mind chat too much but the screen sharing could wind up opening a can of worms if one isn’t careful.