Allow seller to create notes on buyers


I wish there was a feature that would allow a seller to create notes for buyers.
I can create notes for individual orders, but that doesn’t help me.
Notes on buyers would allow me to keep track of individuals who underpay, overpay, or other notes in regards to the individual.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if these notes would show in conversations (under buyer name, and under sold items), and in active and past orders. So when you receive an order as a seller, you can quickly check the notes. The notes should “stick” with the user, not only one transaction, or one order.

I offer translations, and this would help me to keep track of requirements and special instructions for individual buyers. Some people prefer a translation in the same document, some want separate documents, etc.

Let me know what you think.


Seconded - I work in voice over and it’s always a pain to have to go back to old recordings when a returning client says “do it as you always do for me”. Customer specific notes would be great.


Thats exactly what I was thinkint :wink: “Customer specific notes”!! That sums up what i tried to explain in multiple paragraphs.


Awesome idea! It’d come in handy for simple things too, like the customer’s real name (if they have provided it), so you can refer to them personally in future orders.