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Allow sellers to reject modification requests


When it is clearly outlined in your Gig Description and Gig Message To Buyer (Auto-Contact) that modifications either aren’t offered or aren’t available to a certain point, or without additional payment, we should have the ability to reject modification requests from buyers.

Not only this, but modification request is FREQUENTLY ABUSED by those bad-egg buyers simply trying to get FREE WORK done and blackmail sellers.

Even just add a set of box for sellers to tick on individual gig descriptions so it can be made perfectly clear:

“This seller does not offer modified work”

“This seller does not offer modified work on gigs under $___”

“This seller offers free minor modifications”

"This seller offers free modification"

or something along those lines.


Reply to @bachas85: As stated in the very first sentence in this post, the revision policy is both in my gig description and auto-contact sent directly to the buyer.

“All you need to do”? What actually happens in these cases is these buyers then Re-reject the work forcing the seller to either do more work for free, or cancel and incur negative ratings and go completely unpaid. Then we can take is to CS, and wait for the buyer to also reject the request to remove the rating.


Reply to @bachas85: Oh fantastic, thank you for pointing that out, I had no idea that re-rejecting was actually against policy, that’s really useful to know.


The only way to reject those request is to offer a cancellation, and believe me, it’s always better to cancel than deliver work that leads to a bad review. You don’t want bad reviews. Some buyers won’t buy if they see a bad review. Others are realistic and understand that when everyone else is saying you’re great, the negative nanny doesn’t matter. However, it’s better to lose $5 today than $50 or $500 tomorrow thanks to bad reviews.