Allow some sellers a second account for different services from the first account


Fiverr should allow some long term sellers who have proven themselves as trustworthy over time to have a second account so they can offer completely different services from their first account.

It should be only as something that is earned after a period of time.


That’s a great idea. I’m in two categories that don’t really fit together very nicely. I’d love to split them out.


I agree. I too have services I would like to offer that are not related to what I have been focusing on for 6 years soon, so it would make zero sense to offer them now.

Though it would be bit of a hassle if you have to log out and in continously to switch between accounts. Unless they implement a simpler way to do that, like with a click of a button instead, if those accounts are linked together.


What’s the problem in offering the different services also from the same account ?. Offering from the same account gives more advantage to you because you are the trustworthy seller.


I don’t think so fiverr is going to break their own rules :wink:

After all, A seller can make 20 different service gig in one account then why anyone need 2nd account?


Good idea but doubt if Fiverr would ever allow. In their eyes, it has just too little market demand.

One option would be to actually setup different ‘Limited Liability Companies’ for different business niches and open an account for each. An LLC is legally considered to be individual entity with respects to Law and Accounting… and so could Fiverr. (Fiverr never confirmed this and is going to be an overkill for most people anyway)


Because the keywords directly relating to your account as a whole should be directly applied to one genre. There’s a certain reason why McDonalds doesn’t sale taco’s. You need to target customers under one umbrella of services that all relate uniquely. Having two accounts would categorize your marketing instead of splitting your audience.


Just think how much the first, successful accounts could be sold for in the darker areas of the internet! I don’t think it would be a good idea I’m afraid.


You wouldn’t be able to sell the first account any more easily than you can now.


I like the idea and it used to be allowed way back when. It was in the ToS circa 2015 that extra account could not offer gigs in the same category but has since been removed and CS say no to it now.


They do still allow (within limits) another seller in the same household with different gigs and a separate PayPal. For those with a family member or friend who wanted to work as a team, this might be an option. It’s not perfect as a solution, but possible for some.

I like the idea of a Fiverr account that is kind of an “admin” account and can have gigs, manage payments, etc. If that account could have 1 or more sub-accounts you could avoid the issue of people selling their first account. The sub-accounts could have individual gigs and usernames but funds would be channeled to the master account.


idea is good but there is big chances of missuse the function.