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Allow the Use of Nicknames on the Site

How is it going guys?

So I wanted to make a suggestion to allow the ability to replace our username on a website with a nickname other people can see. I think this would be really cool since this site doesn’t want us to change usernames. I think it would be cool to start doing services on some point and there is a specific name to do.

I know I can make another account and such but I thought I’d share this thought as an idea in case anyone was in a similar situation.

Edit: If a concern from the staff is that people can keep changing it all the time, maybe a limit can be placed so you can only change your nickname again after 90-180 days or something like that.


YES. Many times this. I would like to change my name, and there’s no good way to do it…

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I think having one constant name is better :thinking:
See what others think

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I also think that - I wouldn’t want to confuse my regular clients and make them think my gigs are copycats when in fact they’re still mine but under a different name (and there are a lot of copycats already) - I already lost a regular once after a copycat gave them a hard time.

Curious enough, I am on the other side of the ocean where I’d want to change my nickname into a real name :smiley: