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Allow the user to provide feedback when the seller cancels the task on his own

When a seller offers to do a task, and then fails to do this in a timely fashion, I am forced to cancel the gig. I get a refund, but Fiverr needs to give me the opportunity to provide a negative rating when the seller fails to complete the task within the time. This is a big black mark against the seller, and other Fiverr users need to be aware that the seller is unreliable. Also, this will discipline sellers and ensure that they do complete their tasks on time if they don’t want a negative rating. At present, they can cancel tasks with impunity, but this cancellation harms the seller’s deadlines !

I agree , f*** the sellers from all parts

If you cancel the gig because it’s late, the seller will get an automatic negative review. The seller doesn’t get a choice in this. If you opt for a mutual cancellation, which suggests that the gig time hasn’t run down to zero and the 24 hour grace period is still available, then you don’t.

A seller might need to cancel for a multitude of reasons outside of their control. Imagine they got in a car wreck, fell ill, had an earthquake in their area or any number of less extreme, but equally necessary reasons. You get your money back, you move on. The last thing sellers on Fiverr need to deal with are vindictive, unfeeling jerks who feel the need to kick them while they’re down.