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Allow to share skype information

Hi Fiverr Team!

I think, you people should allow to share Skype information, but bound them order through only five.

Actually its wastage of a lot of time as client request and we reply them (3 to 4 hours). So quick reply to client, better response and output! Or create your in-page Messenger!


But part of the reason to use the message and write the buyer a note, is then you have proof of your conversations that Fiverr can read if you have problems later on.

And everyone is bound to Fiverr already, because it’s against the Terms of Use to contact someone directly for payment. Some people can use Skype if SKype is the gig itself (like giving a coaching session), but just for instructions it’s much better for you in the long run to have it in writing what the buyer wants.

no need to allow skype, because if fiverr allow skype, they lost their clients!!!

Any types of outside contact sharing in fiverr, its strictly prohibited. its against of fiverr TOS

instant chat is much better option.