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Allow us to show our love to Customer Support!

Hi all!

Most of the time when I’ve required the help of customer support, the help has been quick, friendly and very professional. However, some tickets have just been skimmed through and the issues have not been solved or have been misunderstood.

So something should be done so that every ticket gets the attention they require, at least if it’s a matter that should be taken a look into. I feel this would also cut the amount of tickets down considerably.

So I would recommend to give a way for us to show our appreciation to those customer support representatives who really do read the ticket fully and make sure nothing remains unclear or unsolved.

Being able to leave a review on the quality of the help pops up only half the time, so it’s not a good way.

I think it would be good to have a similar way to give credit as sellers can receive. A thumbs up or a thumbs down, and I always tip people that have been helpful to me, so I would be eager to show my appreciation, and tips for sure would encourage professionalism.

And once a representative gets enough thumbs ups and tips, I think a raise is in order :wink:

I think Fiverr sends an email after the issue is marked as complete, giving us a chance to rate the representatives.

I think this is similar to thumbs up/down

Yes, Customer Support does really make the day, when they are on-top of their game!

“And once a representative gets enough thumbs ups and tips, I think a raise is in order” This is a great incentive!

Reply to @kjblynx: hmm… Makes me wonder why

Reply to @madmoo: Wow, really? I thought unsatisfied would be fine. What’s wrong with the usage of unsatisfied here? My curious not-so-grammatically-correct side would like to know. :stuck_out_tongue:

Reply to @fivergraphics5: It indeed is! I’m 100% sure almost no ticket would be only partially read if that was the case. And that would increase customer/seller satisfaction dramatically, which is more important than money.

For one matter I had to send about 4 tickets over many months, and only on the fourth ticket the person was extremely helpful and fixed the issue. This particular person would get a massive tip and thumbs up from me, and the others nothing at all.